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2507, 2018

Your Productivity Assessment

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Could your store be more productive? Are there ways you could save money and focus on increasing sales? We've put together a checklist for you. It will help to show where there are areas you could be more productive, and how you could spend your valuable time building your business rather than just running it. Automation Put a tick next to any of these tasks that you still do manually with pen and paper. By automating these, you could save a significant amount of time: Managing your inventory Doing a stock-take Reconciling sales Managing employee time-sheets Recording daily sales in [...]

2507, 2018

Mining data for retail gold

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Are you making your data work hard enough for you? The more you know about your business and how it works, the better decisions you can make about where to go next. Good data helps to make you more productive and more profitable. So what information should you be collecting and how can you use it to boost your sales? Getting the right insight Why guess when you can know? Gathering data about everything from daily footfall to average spend can help you see how to change your displays, organise your staff rotas, plan sales campaigns and order more of [...]

2507, 2018

How to reach your most profitable retail customers

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It's an old adage, but it’s true: people can’t buy from you if they don’t know you’re there. And, with an increasing number of channels available, it can be tricky to know how to reach your ideal customer. So where do you start? Know your ideal customer It's much easier to reach your target audience if you know a lot about them, so it's really important to build some customer profiles. You’ll need to think about a variety of things, including: Gender Age Employment type Amount of disposable income Location Education Where they shop Where they holiday Products they like [...]

1506, 2018

Make the Tills Ring Louder with Integrated Payments

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There's nothing worse on a busy day in your store than customer queuing for ages because your payment system is slow. So why not improve your customer service and increase your sales by introducing an integrated payments system? It saves time, reduces manual errors and lets your staff get on with serving customers rather than trying to work the till system. How can an integrated payment system benefit my shop? This is all about making transactions as smooth as possible. It's an essential part of your customer's experience – especially today, when customer expect to be able to pay quickly [...]

806, 2018

Time to Maximise your Retail Productivity?

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Retailers never have enough time. And that’s especially true if you’re a retailer with just one or two stores and limited staffing support. You do it all yourself – from stock-taking to standing at the till. And at the same time, you need to track sales, order new stock, run your marketing campaigns, pay the bills and research new product lines. It's time to automate the boring stuff The boring stuff is important – reconciling sales against stock; getting your invoicing done; making sure you have enough stock of those lines that sell really well. But it takes your time [...]

1903, 2018

GDPR – Essential information for retailers

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The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in May 2018 – that gives you less than two months to be ready for the new way you’ll have to collect, store and manage the data you collect. What do I need to know? You are responsible for all the data you hold. That applies even if your data is held in a CRM system you subscribe to. ‘Data’ refers to anything that can identify an individual, and includes name, address, email, phone number, IP address, photographs, financial information and more. Data collection refers to the information you hold [...]