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Ecommerce offers outstanding income opportunities to retailers of all sizes and in today’s online market; you can embrace a wide range of selling options that get your products in front of your target customers. In order to be truly successful, however, you have to know where all your products are, what’s selling well, what needs moving around and how you can deliver with the best possible customer service. Modulus can help you get clear visibility on your inventory – whether you hold it in your own warehouse, in a store room or at a third-party site. It’s a single system that brings multiple benefits, making online selling simpler and more efficient and helping you to increase your margins and boost your profits. To find out more about Modulus for Ecommerce, call us today to ask about a free demo or a free trial.

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Successful multi-channel retailing is all about smart stock allocation. Once you understand which products sell best on which channels, you can allocate the right proportion of stock to each, and keep track of sales so that you know when to order more. Modulus gives you a clear overview of exactly what stock is where, updating on a real-time basis so that you’re always in complete control.


If you’re selling goods from other manufacturers, you still need to know what’s in stock and what new products are coming online. Whether you’re operating as a standard dropshipper or on a white-label basis, Modulus can help you manage your product range so that you can always fulfil customer enquiries quickly and reliably. This in turn will boost your reviews and ratings, encouraging more new customers to buy.

Own Custom Site

Retailers that choose to sell through their own sites keep control of product and price updates, display and offer features and more. And the most important thing is that your online store reflects your stock so that customers can always buy when they’re ready. Modulus seamlessly updates your store, so that you only have to input price changes or product descriptions once – not on every page of your site, every time. Our system integrates with all standard Ecommerce platforms, making your life easier and online sales growth more likely.


If you use Magento to power your online sales platform, you can integrate Modulus quickly and easily to help you keep visibility over your inventory. In fact, we can have Modulus up and running alongside Magento in just a few days, so you can take advantage of the extra capabilities straight away.


As a WordPress plug-in, WooCommerce offers significant advantages to retailers selling through a WordPress site. Add Modulus – which integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce – to keep control of your stock and your warehouse function, enabling you to give better customer service and improve your margins.

Presta Shop

PrestaShop is an open-source Ecommerce platform that’s used by retailers worldwide. If your store is built using PrestaShop, we can integrate Modulus right alongside it, adding clearer inventory management, great customer service and a cost-effective way to boost your online sales.

Zen Cart

If you’ve chosen Zen Cart because it’s easy to install, easy to use and easy to customise, then you’re well on the way to being a Modulus client too. We’ve made our solution intuitive and easy for your staff to get around. And, because we can integrate it right alongside your Zen Cart store, you get the benefits of better inventory control and a positive customer experience, helping you to build your reputation online.

Big Commerce

Big Commerce lets you run your own store and sell products through other online merchants like Amazon and eBay. This means you need to keep track of your inventory so that you know how best to assign your stock based on demand and sales. Modulus integrates with Big Commerce to give additional functionality and control, making your online business more efficient as soon as it’s switched on.


Shopify is a popular Ecommerce platform that lets you shape your online store exactly the way you want it. Whether you’re a niche retailer or you offer a huge product range, it’s vital that you know what’s in stock and where it is, so you can despatch items out to your customers quickly and efficiently. Modulus integrates with Shopify to help you keep a handle on stock so you can concentrate on growing your business.

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