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Reduce administration time, save money and operate your retail business as efficiently as possible with Modulus.

Because we understand that inventory control needs to be fully linked to your back-office and accounting systems, we’ve designed Modulus to work alongside a wide range of standard accountancy, sales and administrative packages. That means you don’t have to change a thing – Modulus integrates seamlessly and gives you a range of additional, crucial inventory information that helps you keep on top of all your sales channels – whether they are online or in-store. If you don’t see your current business software on this list, just get in touch with us. Modulus is completely flexible, so we can make sure it works for your business. Why not ask us for a free demo or a free trial too?

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If you are using Salesforce to manage your CRM and sales functions, why not add Modulus so that you have visibility across your whole business? Easily integrated with Salesforce, Modulus gives you real-time stock control information that lets you plan ahead, whatever type of retailer you are.


Hubspot users are already familiar with managing, scheduling and measuring their marketing campaigns. If you use Hubspot, imagine how much more focused your campaigns could be if you have clear visibility over your inventory so that you can promote, discount and track sales accurately, supporting your sales and marketing process with clear back-office information. Modulus can do all this for you, integrating with Hubspot for ease and convenience.


Millions of businesses use the free and paid-for versions of MailChimp to stay in touch with their customers. If that includes you, why not add Modulus for additional functionality and access to the latest inventory information? We’ve designed Modulus to integrate with platforms like MailChimp so that you can easily see what products are selling well and which need an extra push, helping to refine your email campaigns.


Quickbooks is one of the world’s most popular accounting software packages. Adding Modulus is quick and easy because it’s a solution that is designed to integrate with most leading business software packages. Adding Modulus to your Quickbooks application means you have a clear view over inventory and warehousing control, whether you have one store or twenty; your own warehouse or several units of rented space in different places. Modulus makes it easy.


If you’re one of the increasing numbers of businesses choosing Xero, you can also choose Modulus. Designed to integrate seamlessly with your business and accounting software, Modulus adds an important additional function – the ability to manage and view inventory in real-time from any terminal or point of sale you choose. This gives you more financial control and better information for future business planning.

Sage ERP / Finance

As one of the leading providers of business software, Sage has thousands of business customers of all sizes. And because Modulus helps to provide business-critical information, we’ve made sure we can integrate it with Sage so the information you need is quickly and easily accessible. That means you can use real-time inventory management to help support your key business decisions without having to worry about any disruption to your business systems.

SAP Business

If you’ve moved to, or recently chosen SAP Business One, it’s because you’re looking for a fully-integrated business management solution. It’s also why we’ve ensured that Modulus can integrate with this platform, giving you clear visibility over your inventory – whether stock is in your own warehouse, at a third-party storage site, on a fulfilment plan with Amazon or all three at once. No need to change or disrupt your current platform – just add Modulus for even more control.


Businesses of all sizes use Netsuite, so it doesn’t matter what type of retailer you are, you can use this system to manage most aspects of your business. When you choose Modulus for your inventory management, control and reporting, you can choose it in the knowledge that it will be integrated to Netsuite for you – so no downtime and no disruption; just valuable business information that can help you stand out from the competition.

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics sells itself on the ways it can help you improve customer experience and customer service. That makes it a great partner platform for Modulus, which uses inventory control expertise to make sure you know exactly where your stock is, how much you have and how quickly you can get it to the right customers. By integrating Modulus with your existing Microsoft Dynamics system, you have even more powerful customer-focused information at your fingertips.

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