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Modulus is a powerful solution that helps you to manage a wide range of retail tasks easily and efficiently. Working in the background, alongside your existing systems, Modulus works as effectively for a multi-site retail business as it does for a single store; and as seamlessly for a mixed-use retailer as for someone who sells purely online. It can even work wonders for pop-up shops and concession stalls. Put simply, whatever type of retail you’re into, Modulus works for you.

Count, Manage, Move, Sell

Think of Modulus as the equivalent of your business accounting package. Instead of running everything on Excel spreadsheets, choose an integrated system that lets you count, manage and move your stock so you can sell when your customers want to buy. Keep track of exactly what stock you have and where it is – and give that information to the people at your sales points, so they can give customers up-to-date information, and make the sale there and then – even if your goods are delivered at a later stage. Make it easier to sell online through marketplaces like Amazon or eBay and make planning a breeze because you know exactly what stock you’re holding at any one time. All of this and more is possible with Modulus. To find out more about the ways your business can use Modulus, just click the options below. Or call us today to arrange a free demo or a free trial.

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Multi Warehouse

It’s time to get stock-wise. Retailers of all sizes are increasingly relying on efficient third party distribution centres or warehouses to store and manage stock and fulfil orders. Whether you have just one warehouse or many, Modulus makes it easy to manage your inventory across your whole business.

Getting this right means quicker order fulfilment, better customer service, improved margins and increased sales. Why wouldn’t you put Modulus in your business?

EPOS And Multi-channel

Forward-thinking retailers sell through multiple channels, which means working with a number of different retail systems. Modulus integrates seamlessly with all your current partners and channels – and any future opportunities – to organise inventory, monitor stock and managing pricing. Everything is simplified, allowing you to sync your data, manage reporting, handle sales and manage re-ordering.

That means that when a customer is standing at your point of sale asking for a product they’ve seen online, you know where it is and can make the sale even if the product isn’t in store. Sound good? Ask us about a demo or free trial for your business.


Knowing when to re-order and how much stock you need to commit to is a tricky process. You need to hold enough stock to fulfil customer orders, but you also need to maintain a healthy cash flow. Good purchasing habits are much easier to build when you have a clear view of your sales figures and stock requirements. Modulus helps you to plan and manage your purchasing so that you’re never over-buying – just getting it right.


Manage your warehouse or stock storage function easily and reliably by adding Modulus to your business. Clear stock control enables you to know exactly when to re-stock, re-order or bring new stock on board, and means you can give a much better service to your customers, whether they’re online or in-store. Even if you lease or rent warehouse space from a third party, Modulus can help you stay on track.


Modulus lets you process, fulfil and follow up orders from whichever warehouse is holding the relevant stock. It handles website orders and in-store orders, keeping clear records so that you can let customers know the exact status of their order at any time. Set up customer alerts, boosting your customer service and ensuring you gain a reputation for great delivery – all with one system.

Inventory Management

One of the major day-to-day challenges for retailers is reconciling what your system says you have in stock, with what you actually have in stock. For some retailers, even having an efficient stock-management system is a challenge. So, forget messy manual inventory management using spreadsheets or tables. Modulus gives you control, letting you reconcile your inventory with ease across multiple locations. Raise purchase orders, process stock intake, set re-order levels, automate backorders and optimise your stock with no hassle and complete confidence. Modulus also makes it easy to handle major tasks like year-end stock takes and regular stock checks and audits.

Service Bookings

Today’s customers expect to be able to book everything online, and that includes service bookings. Modulus makes it easy to integrate a web booking form with your service diary, allocating the right amount of time for the service and making sure the customer gets emails that confirm the booking and give out all the necessary information, and then text reminders so your customers feel valued. Make your store the store of choice for customer service.

Text Alerts and

Good customer service is all about communication. Keep your customers in the loop without bombarding them with information and they will feel valued. It’s more likely that they will refer you to friends and family too. Modulus allows you to send marketing information, confirmations and appointment reminders by text, building trust and confidence in your business.

Gift Vouchers

Let customers buy and redeem gift vouchers online, giving you an easy additional income stream. Modulus lets you add this option to your website, automating the whole process and improving your customer offering and your customer service. Just another way that using Modulus can boost your business.

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