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Your Productivity Assessment

//Your Productivity Assessment

Could your store be more productive? Are there ways you could save money and focus on increasing sales?

We’ve put together a checklist for you. It will help to show where there are areas you could be more productive, and how you could spend your valuable time building your business rather than just running it.


Put a tick next to any of these tasks that you still do manually with pen and paper. By automating these, you could save a significant amount of time:

  • Managing your inventory
  • Doing a stock-take
  • Reconciling sales
  • Managing employee time-sheets
  • Recording daily sales in spreadsheets
  • Updating pricing, offers and discounts

Increasing sales

Tick any of the things on this list that you’d like to be able to do in your store:

  • Banish long queues at the till
  • Always have popular items in stock
  • Offer more delivery options, like home delivery to in-store buyers
  • Reduce till errors
  • Improve customer service
  • Build return visits and referrals
  • Sell online and in-store

Understanding your business

Tick all the things you would like to collect data about, so you can improve your business:

  • Average sales per customer
  • Profit margins on all product lines
  • Stock/inventory levels
  • Sales by department, range, individual product and supplier
  • Busiest till times
  • Stock & Sales by Season


You want to make sure that your target customers know where you are and what you do. Put a tick next to anything you think you could do better:

  • Define your customer profile
  • Understand why your customers come to you
  • Refine which channels to use
  • Decide the right messaging for your customers
  • Analyse the response to campaigns
  • Follow up with loyalty discounts and offers

You should now have a good idea of where the gaps might be in your business and marketing planning, and be able to see where using a smart software system will give you the time you need to get things absolutely right.

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